Motion Control Products – Rotational Voice Coil Stage quickly and repeatably steers an optical beam with a diameter of up to 25 millimeters over 90° with 25 microradians of resolution!

Motion Control Products – Rotational Voice Coil Stage

Quickly and repeatably steer an optical beam with a diameter of up to 25 millimeters over 90° with 25 microradians of resolution!


RVC-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage: Up to 25mm wide mirror; Controllable positioning over +/-45 degree optical; 5 arcsec (25 microradians) optical position repeatability; 1 degree optical step-and-settle in less than 5ms; Fully integrated servo controller; USB 2.0 and auxilary user electrical interfaces; X 58 x 28 x 21 millimeters, 30 grams

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Forestville, CA – Motion Control Products – The RVC-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage provides a means to quickly and accurately set an angular position. The frequency is factory adjusted to customer specifications during the manufacturing process. Amplitude of the resonating mirror can be adjusted through either an analog input voltage or the USB interface.

motion control - miniature components

An optional high-resolution position feedback sensor can be monitored by an analog output signal on the User Connector. The RS-25 Resonant Scanner can also be configured with a high-resolution 16-bit Analog to Digital Converter to quickly sample and report the mirror position at any moment if the position sensor is included.

The RVC-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage provides a means to quickly and repeatably steer an optical beam with a diameter of up to 25 millimeters over 90° with 25 microradians of resolution. The RS-25 Resonant Scanner is designed and optimized for applications that typically require a means to scan an optical beam. Using various patent pending features the RS-25 Resonant Scanner can run 24/7 forever without compromise. At the heart of this product is a pair of carefully designed flexures that mimic the spring in a classical spring-mass harmonic motion system. The mirror or other load acts as the mass and together a natural resonating frequency is borne that provides unparalled performance and reliability. A small motor is carefully coupled to the system to makeup for small system losses that would otherwise dampen the oscillation.

The Mirror: The mirror is an integral part of the RVC-9025 and is usually specified at time of order. The mirror and its associated inertia will largely predict the overall step and settle time of the actuator. With that in mind the user should careful consider parameters surrounding the mirror including its shape and flatness. The mirror should be no wider than absolutely necessary and sufficiently long to accommodate the beam elongation as a consequence of the tilting process. Mirror flatness will largely dictate its thickness and overall inertia. In special cases, mirror thickness and its affects on inertia can be managed using costlier materials such as beryllium that have a higher specific stiffness. As the mirror thickness grows, its front surface will proportionally move further off the rotational axis which in some cases can be undesirable. Other parameters including coating and scratch/dig need to be included to fully describe the mirror. While a mirror is probably the most common payload other customer supplied or specified loads can be used such as gratings.

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Position Sensor: The RVC-9025 is able to position its mirror with a resolution of 25 micro-radians in a large part because of the high-resolution sensor it uses. The analog nature of its non-contact sensor also makes it noise limited by adjusting its bandwidth. Careful control and optimization of the sensor signal permits the servo to operate at a higher bandwidth and thereby having a higher stiffness and exceptionally low positioning wander or hysteresis.

Voice Coil Motor: The RVC-9025 includes a high efficiency voice coil motor–somtimes referred to as a single phase DC motor. The motor coil is directly coupled to the mirror support beam and position sensor. That tight and rigid coupling of the load, actuator and sensor assures exceptional position repeatability and step-and-settle times. The high efficency of the motor coil yields a small and light-weight coil that adds little of the overall motion inertia.

Integrated Electronics: The RVC-9025 includes a highly miniaturized servo amplifier and controller. The mirror position can be controlled through either the USB and its 16-bit DAC or an analog input signal. At the same time mirror position can be monitored from and analog output or the USB and an optional 16-bit ADC. The auxiliary input header also provides a means to enable the amplifier and monitor it for faults. Thereby supporting a configuration for a deeply embedded and autonomous device.

motion control - miniature stages

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RVC-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage Brochure

Voice Coil Stage Interfacing and User Manual

RVC-9025 Small Step Response

RVC-9025 Interface Drawing

RVC-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage Interface Drawings

Equipment Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a provider of engineering and manufacturing services. ESI specializes in the design and production of automation and instrumentation products including motion control components and sub systems. ESI’s products range from galvanometer amplifiers with an integrated arbitrary waveform generator, to high-resolution displacement sensors, voice coil and stepper motor stages, amplifiers and controllers.

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